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Jane Kersel teaches a syncretic methodology of positivity created over 35 years of professional experience in embodied movement. She uses classical, kundalini, power, yin/nidra yogas + high intensity strengthening with weights to build muscle + to cathartically release.. Her philosophy is steeped in tantra, shamanism, goddess archetypes + the power of imagination that potentiates kinder relationships with ourselves. Her hypnogogic (deep relaxing theta states) lead her clients on a healing inner journey which is second to none.

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Ishy life mentoring

neuroscience meets spirit

Jane is the UK’s leading expert on psycho-spiritual dynamics + polarity therapy. Her revolutionary model rooted in neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, hypnotherapy. modern mysticism + philosophy has helped many hundreds of women + young girls.

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where there is love there is a light
Ishy team

a helping hand or two

Jane has a tried and tested go-to team of experts from the world of energy medicine, shamanic astrology (which combines with Jane's goddess archetype polarity work), sound therapy/healing, acupuncture, bodywork, naturopathic and functional medicine health, hormone specialists, personal development, spiritual counselling, intuitive guidance, communication and relationship mentoring, house clearing, Vastu/Feng Shui, etc whether that be in your home, at our clinics or at The Big Pause.

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Ishy Kitchen

orgasmically nutritional fuel

Food is an energetic exchange that can either add to our energy banks or deplete. We create mouth-watering, health-generating food for our clients + events.

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Ishy world

vibrationally + emotionally enriched spaces

There is such a symbiosis + harmony in the world of energy between our inner and our outer worlds that Jane (who originally trained as a designer + artist) with her expertise in energetics has been commissioned in the past to design commercial yoga centres and private spaces. She has been so in demand that two years' ago, Jane officially set up a unique consultancy specialising in designing + creating wellbeing centres, small hotels + luxury homes. Her clients are discerning individuals who desire truly authentic, artisanal light-filled sanctuaries + non-toxic environments using products that reduce harmful EMFs, noise pollution and allergens. Jane's team also advises on how to ergonomically design a kitchen to cater for less 'traditional' diets e.g wheat/gluten free, paleo, veganism, etc (and can provide chefs to teach house staff how to serve more 'nutritionally dense menus based on Jane's Big Pause retreat centre in Cordoba, Spain).

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40yrs plus - creating the fertile ground

Mixing endurance, general coordination and resistance exercise is the best choice for postmenopausal women, Kemmler said, including a balancing aspect for older or less functional women.

“We strongly suggest group exercise classes supervised and led by a certified instructor,” he said.


At that moment, the door to my studio opened as if a gust of wind had gotten behind it (this so often happens when working with spirit).

We both smiled, it was as if her lover had walked into the room there and then, his energy had arrived.


In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions.....


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