The only way out is in and through

We are mulit-layered, with ever-changing roles in our lives: mother, grandmother, lover, wife, friend etc and ever-changing energies - competitive, dynamic, mothering, patriarchal etc. All of these layers, roles + energetics have a profound domino effect on our body, mind, heart, actions and health. We literally + sacredly hold inside the secrets to our loving, healing, happiness, relationships and success. If we feel stuck, uncreative, challenged by relationships, stressed, anxious, overly judgmental etc it shows we are out of balance and need some help.

It is impossible to do this by ourselves because we live in a polarised + subjective world - we make our realities fit our stories/energetics. It is paramount to have a steady mentor, healer + life teacher who can see us; feel us; hear us and find the vulnerablity underneath in order to heal, evolve + expand our lives. Jane also extends her work into a week long bespoke programme: 8 clients and a team of leading experts at her retreat centre 'The Big Pause', Cordoba, Spain.

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