High Space

Most people run on one of two beliefs: “I am not loveable” and “I am not enough….(feel free to add in the subtext of your own story” and then condemn themselves to a life of suffering by adding “I can never change.”

So,you will either be hugely successful on the outside pushing off from these beliefs never quite believing you have reached a secure level or you will be in a non-start mentality of ‘what’s the point, I’m only going to get rejected”. Years of therapy will help you understand your story but still little will change because it’s subconsciously locked inside of you. It is impossible to do this shift by yourself because we live in a subjective world - we like familiarity. .

Jane is a transformative therapist with a laser light healer’s vision to get to the crux of the vulnerability and issue and from that to rewire the nervous system into a place of wholeness from where her clients can start to expand + build their lives into abundant, loving and free spaces. If we feel stuck, uncreative, challenged by relationships, stressed, anxious, overly judgmental etc it shows we are out of balance and need some help.

Jane also extends her work into a very sought after 6 day programme with only 8 clients at her retreat centre 'The Big Pause', Cordoba, Spain.

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