the Ishy Shala

The Ishy Shala is a sanctuary of friendship and community set in a womb-like soft spacious light-filled space in the heart of romantic Notting Hill. It looks out onto a beautiful garden with squirrels and birds in the trees which feels miles away from the urban frenetically wired city sprawl.

Jane crafts + intuits a new practice each time with a different emphasis + great playlists. She focuses on pelvic floor power, builds strong lean muscles for strength + to protect the joints, promotes HgH + healthy bone density. Her work encourages lean body mass, deep passive stretching to oil the joints and opens the fascia where the prana lines need to run free and meditations to switch rising cortisol levels off (high levels age everyone - any age).

We ‘work-out’ and ‘work-in’ to train you to be 100% present to yourself. And if you want to deepen this then please book to see Jane for her psychospiritual work + life/relationship mentoring.

The practices end with ‘The Fix’ a healing, sublime, altered state hypno-therapeutic bio-feedback relaxation (like taking drugs but without the drugs). Post class, we drink a potent adaptogenic elixir to revitalize. You leave feeling connected to something deeper than your mind and ego, loved up, lighter, grounded and ready to take on the world from a higher space.

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Reduce Cortisol

Our classes are strong in their fitness giving yet uniquely encourage the brain to release powerful youth enhancing bio-chemicals that help combat stress, inflammation and oxidation which is especially key during times of fluctuating hormones. Jane helps you: unstick the stuckness; your mind becomes your friend; your heart builds self-love; your body glows with appreciation and you begin to release the mental grip to control. For fuller details on the classes please click on the name of the class on the timetable 2 slides below.

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How I Roll

Jane doesn't advertise and many of her clients prefer not to tell anyone about her for fear of not getting into a class. She likes folk to dream her up. To be drawn to the Shala by the burning sage. She is 'a sacred gem who talks to your soul amidst the craziness of urban life and the bullshit of the business of the yoga world'. She has a bio-mat + infrared panels to help move stagnant lymph and a heated magical floor with a deep bed of rose quartz crystals to generate love + good ju-ju.

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Book a Class

We love quality so each class has only 6-10 students. We tithe 10% of each class to the children’s charity: War Child. At times, there’s a wait list but it moves so don’t be sad. If you are super keen to come flash Jane an email because alchemy happens.

To book: select week, press class name for details. Click on the ‘Sign-up button + follow the directions from there. There is a strict 24hr cancellation policy so those on the waitlist get a chance (those who book out an entire term can cancel 3 times only otherwise no one new gets to join us!). Our events are non-refundable. Looking forward to seeing you on your mat soon!

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Cool Gatherings

Are often organised at the Shala with a candle-lit vegan dinner served in the Kitchen above. For example, I host Otto Haddad for his amazing healing sound bath experience. A practice that helps rewire the nervous system and create profound levels of peace + relaxation. Please click on timetable above and date on the calendar icon to book.

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